Mensa's Purpose

What is Mensa's purpose? Mensa was created by a fellow who envisioned it as something of a think-tank which could advise the government. Somewhere along the way Mensa lost its direction. Today many think of it as merely a social organization for smart folk. Party!

Read IN/ACTIVE for some of my thoughts. And I don't want to sound paranoid, but it does seem rather odd that soon after its publication, the FAQ-writers added another item to their FAQ, one in contradiction to my position. The topic spawned several lengthy threads but nothing productive, mostly just argument caused by a certain person's misunderstandings and need to disagree with me. Since IN/ACTIVE was published in InterLoc, I've corresponded with people who agree with my observations but like Mensa as it is, and people who agree with my observations and wish Mensa would return to its roots; some local officers requested suggestions on how they could improve their chapters. But [X] chose to fan the flames by denying my basic observations... observations! ... and that is not logical.

The last straw occurred one morning when I made the mistake of checking while getting ready for work. That's a bad time for me anyway; I hate being awakened by the alarm clock, and I hate the internal struggle that arises when I'm trying to simultaneously head out for work and be responsive to my children. That certain person had misquoted me, accusing me of a position I hadn't taken, and then blasted me for taking that position! My son interrupted me several times while I tried to compose a quick reply before running off to work, until I yelled at him and told to him leave me alone, I was busy. That didn't seem to bother him too much... but it bothered me all day. Enough was enough, and I silently dropped out of those threads. And then from itself.

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