Mensa PICS Letter

From: The American Mensa Cyberspace Committee
Subject: Your link to the American Mensa Home Page
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 14:06:11 -0500

Dear Mensan:

Greetings from the American Mensa Cyberspace Committee representative. Currently your personal home page is linked to the American Mensa Home Page, but our database of links is very out of date. Many pages have been moved or removed, and the database information from 1997 and before was lost.

Thus, I and the rest of the Cyberspace Committee are asking you to update your current link for two reasons:

1). To bring our new database up to date so that the link pages can be generated by a program rather than by manual updates

2). So there will be a PICS rating on every page to which we link.

A PICS rating (Platform for Internet Content Selection) allows parents to choose what content their children will view through a PICS recognizing browser, such as Internet Explorer, while allowing American Mensa to link to many pages of varied content. Thus, we can show off our diversity in membership without needing to worry about the children on the Internet. This makes parents more comfortable.

It will only take a few of minutes to obtain this PICS rating, place it in your HTML source code, and then fill out the update form to maintain your link on the American Mensa Home Page. All the information that you need can be found on the link page at:

That page contains a link to the SafeSurf site where a PICS rating can be obtained. The rating will not show on your page, and we are NOT requiring you to place any SafeSurf logo on your page.

Our personal link pages will not be regenerated for 30 days, so please get your PICS rating and update our database information within the next 30 days so that your link is maintained.

If your page was just linked for the first time in the last 60 days or so, and you already have a PICS rating you need not update your link at this time. (All links listed as "NEW" have PICS ratings and are current in the database.)

For more information on PICS:

Thanks for your help!
The American Mensa Cyberspace Committee