This is a JavaScript implementation of a simple program that I wrote in Visual Basic a long time ago for my own use. It's rather ugly inside because most of the files are created by a makefile and I didn't worry too much about pretty formatting of its output. Also, I wanted it to run in just about any browser that supports JavaScript, so I tried not to do anything too fancy... and that ruled out some Webby tools that could have made the code more elegant. (It's amazing how differently different browsers (and even different versions of the same browser) handle (or don't) even simple CSS and JavaScript features. Hopefully it will work on your machine too. If not, it shouldn't be too hard to fix.)
Of course, character sets can be a problem, even today. Currently I have three versions of these pages, one using Unicode, one using a Latin 3 font, and one using Zamenhof's h-convention. The Unicode version will probably work in your browser. If not, then try the Latin 3 version (if you don't have Latin 3 fonts, click here to find some links to Latin 3 fonts). And if neither works for you, try the h-convention; it shouldn't be any trouble at all.
The vocabulary is based upon files I've found on the Net over the years, with some things added, some things subtracted, and some misspellings corrected. If you find any errors, please inform me at the address given below.
Things may change, but for now, here's how the pages work: The field at the upper left contains a word. The three fields at the right contain suggested translations for that word, only one of which is correct. Your task is to click on the correct translation. The remaining field is used to keep track of your score, which can be zeroed via the restartu button. And the inversigu button reverses the direction of the translation. That's all there is to it. Enjoy! (If you'd like to work offline: download this file, unzip it into a local directory, then crank up your browser and open index.htm to begin.)
2001.05.18 kreita, 2004.09.25 modifita, de Ailanto verkita.