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 Latin 3

Use the X-convention to enter Esperanto text; though I dislike its appearance, it does make machine processing much simpler. However, when translating from English into Esperanto I can display the results using X, H, UTF-8 or Latin 3. When you press the Translate! button, I will generate a list of your words and their translation possibilities in the other language. Affixes can confuse me, and I don't concern myself with compound words, so use basic forms of nouns and verbs or experiment with affixes to uncover words I haven't found. If I can't find a word, I try stripping off some affixes and maybe adding a suffix to see if I can find it; such discoveries are displayed parenthetically; be sure to reapply the affixes to get the true meaning, and keep in mind that my affix removal might result in a false match!

4 Junio 2003 modifita.