Prepare yourself, little Billy
For the dream you can't resist
I'm sure you'll like the experience
Of things that don't exist.

Just close your sleepy eyes
And your adventures will appear
You can feel the magic spell
You are asleep and well.

Use your imagination
I'm sure you can complete
All kinds of complications
You just have to believe.

  • (Drilling) Billy
  • CD can be played like music CD!
  • Developed by Northwind Soft, Nortwind Soft, Denmark, 1997
  • Published by Metronome Media Apps, 1998
  • Singing by Lena Sandberg
  • mp3

Update, 11 December 2010...

Found lots of good info today, and the soundtrack can be downloaded for free! (I got my mp3 of the main theme from the game CD years ago.) Also note: Lena Sandberg is Lena Bundy now. Maybe that's why I could never find any info about her on the Web before! The game is also known as The Worlds of Billy, Billy, and Антошка (Antoshka ). The soundtrack contains alternative versions, remixes and compositions for the game that were never used. Also the brand new classical main theme (2009).

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Drilling Billy Soundtrack - Sonny Maestro
Main Theme (original)
Main Theme (2009)