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Though most older Sparks albums are unavailable, some of the songs can be found on these compilations. I've got the old vinyl but my turntable is down, and it would be nice to have 'em in CD too... but which to buy? I started comparing the contents of these compilations, and realized that such a comparison might be useful for others too. So I webified it, and here it is. If your browser handles styles properly, songs included will be indicated by the greenish cells. If not, just look for the splats. Click on a CD title to head for Amazon, or click on a song title for lyrics...
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Sparks Collection
Mael Intuition
Best of 1974-76
Best of Sparks
Achoo ************ 
All You Ever Think About Is Sex ****** ******
Amateur Hour ******************
Angst In My Pants ****** ******
At Home, At Work, At Play ************ 
Barbecutie ******  
BC  ****** 
Beat The Clock ****** ******
Big Boy ******  
Big Surprise ****** ******
Change ******  
Complaints  ****** 
Cool Places ****** ******
Eaten By The Monster Of Love   ******
Funny Face ****** ******
Get In The Swing ************ 
Girl From Germany ****** ******
Happy Hunting Ground ************ 
Hasta Mañana Monsieur ************ 
Here In Heaven  ****** 
Hospitality On Parade  ****** 
I Like Girls ******  
I Predict ****** ******
In The Future  ****** 
It Ain't 1918  ****** 
La Dolce Vita   ******
Looks, Looks, Looks ************ 
Lost And Found ******  
Modesty Plays ******  
Moustache ******  
Mr. Nice Guys (No More) ******  
Music That You Can Dance To ******  
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth ************ 
No. 1 Song In Heaven ****** ******
Nothing To Do ******  
Over The Summer ******  
Pretending To Be Drunk   ******
Propaganda ************ 
Reinforcements  ****** 
Sextown U.S.A. ****** ******
So Important ******  
Something For The Girl With Everything************ 
Talent Is An Asset ******  
Thank God It's Not Christmas  ****** 
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us ******************
Tips For Teens ****** ******
Tryouts For The Human Race ****** ******
Upstairs ******  
When I'm With You ****** ******
When I'm With You (Instrumental)   ******
With All My Might ******  
Without Using Hands  ****** 
Wonder Girl ****** ******
Young Girls   ******
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