Is There a Conspiracy?

Dear friends we are very close to living in an Open Jail. It is almost true that, in this world, there is no hiding-place. Who, or what, could need to regiment the population to the present level of such incredible control? The word "AGENDA" keeps coming up, and secret societies seem to stretch back much further into the past of civilisation, than any groups would like us to think about.

Is it possible, amongst an elite, that the long-term 'agenda' could be more important than any individual, even members of the elite? Is it possible to believe that a 'brotherhood' working to an agenda would seed its members and supporters in all areas of human endeavour, including in seemingly opposing camps?

If we could still believe in the lie, that "we are all born equal," then there might be some hope: we could appeal to the less-than-pleasant, on the grounds of our common humanity.

We Should All Try to Work Together
This is the premise on which all sensetive humans work: the alternative seems to be total disintegration of our civilisation. Yet the vast majority of people in positions of power operate on a confrontational basis. Can there be any explanation for the fact that actions for the benefit of humanity face difficulty, while fear and negative actions continue without much opposition. So, is there any possible thrust towards what might warrant the old-fashioned word, "evil"?
One Conspiracy?
With all of the names of secret societies, and all of the different groups that might be furthering disparate specialised ends, it seems there is no possibility of co-ordination between these nasties pulling in various different directions. Even long before the appearance of computers, the rich and influential, including royalty, have comprised a global community. Now that there is global computer inter-connection, and increasing centralisation of power, the various secret societies are starting to demonstrate their inter-locking networks of conspiracy groups.
Can you Take a Shock?
An ex journalist, dissatisfied with the non-reportage of news, sought to find a cause. Around six books ago, David Icke started looking into the possibility of there being a organised conspiracy against mankind. His latest book builds on the others, but gives a little-known explanation for the effectiveness of the secret societies throughout our history. His book, "The Biggest Secret", 1999, is packed with facts, and mentions all the big players by name.

If only half of what Icke says is true, then the human race is in for very serious trouble. And if the gargoyles atop cathedrals represent the owners of the buildings, rather than being deterrents of evil - as we have been persuaded - then we really are in for a very rough time.

It Could All be Co-incidence
It is, of course, a co-incidence that so many things go wrong, and that most of our less-than-pleasant fellows do so well. If you prefer this perception of events, please do not read Icke's books.

Each of the self-seeking secretive groups, could simply be re-inventing a parochial sort of Mafia. Perhaps the recent American presidents have not had blood connections with European royalty: supposedly such claims could be checked out in fact. Throughout Icke's book, the theme of bloodlines keeps coming up. And if you've got good nerves, you might be able to trace these bloodlines back, with Icke, to their ancient sources.

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