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This list was set up for the express purpose of allowing people to talk about the Designed Language, Glosa; but, especially, it was created in the hope that increasing numbers of 'world citicens' would try the language, for themselves.

The language is fairly recently formalised: The prime author of Glosa, Ronald Clark, visited Prof. Lancelot Hogben in 1972 to seek permission to continue Hogben's work with "Interglossa"; since then the overall plan has been maintained, but numerous subtle differences were effected to make the original Interglossa pattern an even more effective Glosa one.

Quite a bit of work still needs to be done to bring Glosa up to standard for Global adoption as the International Auxiliary Language

Things to be done:-

Author's Address

Ronald Clark & Wendy Ashby
PO Box 18, Richmond, Surry TW9 2AU England

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Robin Gaskell
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