Backs To The Wall

Friends, we are at war. The nation-state is under heavy attack from those who know that the people with the money should be cracking the whip.

Once, being true to ones country was the highest calling, after being true to the Force of the Universe. But, now, richer, more powerful groupings are demanding our allegiances beyond the country of our birth: these are the Non-Representative Bodies (NRBs) that have been set up, ostensibly to regulate the affairs of a global economy and a global civilisation, but which can be shown to serve the people and corporations with the most money.

Greed is Good OR Money Corrupts
Whichever way we look at it, those with economic power use it to further their own ends, and not for the good of the human race, unless such action can be shown to increase profits.

We are, sad to say, sitting in, as observers, on the biggest game of "Monopoly" there has ever been. Many of the smaller players have been knocked out, and now the larger players are counting heads and surveying the competition: food, for example is controlled by about ten Multinationals around the world, and eventually brand-choice will be reduced to virtually nil.

The winners will be the largest Trans National Corporations, and the losers will be the consumers of the Global Marketplace, which will become even more fiercely competitive and exploitative, if the 'representatives' of the world's governments stupidly sign their countries' rights away at the present Millenioum Round of the WTO Agreements.

The control groups have tried both Capitalism and Controlled economies, and both of these have proved harmful to human well-being. The only option remaining is the Fair give and take between equals, that obtains in a co-operative economy.

Such a situation requires:-

Is There a NextSystem?
The present ethos, which finds it's highest expression in greed, is doomed to failure, and is likely to bring the whole civilisation down with it.

Nothing short of a paradigm shift will avert the immanenent confrontation between those rapidly acquiring all of the planet's wealth, and the vast majority comprising the dis-possessed.

Sadly, as the rich players subvert any who might raise objections to their methods, or punish intransigent critics, it seems as if the human race is going to play this game to the bitter end, brinigning our existence on the planet to the brink of extinction.

Frankly, I had higher expectations of humanity, but these are proving, largely, to be illusory.