Learning Materials

  1. "Glosa 1000" dictionary, approx Stg6 for postage from UK
  2. "Glosa 6000" dictionary 1992 Edition, Stg13 includes postage from UK.
  3. "18 Steps to Fluency in Euro-glosa" graded instruction plus demonstration of linguistic features. Again, Stg13 covers the book and postage.
  4. "Plu Glosa Nota" subscription newspaper: contains articles in English and Glosa.
  5. Penfriend network, exchanging letters and tapes using Glosa.

The Glosa Education Organization of Surrey, England, is the organization promoting Glosa in schools and elsewhere. They have a complete series of Glosa publications and put out PLU GLOSA NOTA, a bimonthly newsletter.

For more information, or for a publications list, contact:

   Glosa Education Organization
   P. O. Box 18
   Surrey  TW9 2AU
   email: glosauk@cix.compulink.co.uk

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