What is a "social invention"?

Language as a Social Invention

There are physical inventions like:-
  • the printing press
  • the typewriter
  • the telephone
  • the computer

    And then there are social inventions like:-

  • speech
  • writing
  • grammar
  • The Metric System
  • The Basic Programming Language

    There are also social inventions like:-

  • ASCII code
  • Botanic Latin - for the standardised description of all new plants
  • The convention for writing academic papers
  • The Systeme Internationale (SI) for all physical units

    Ultimately there will be social inventions for Global Communication:-

  • Standard script for international use
  • An International Standard for Electronic Communication (a Net Language)
  • A standard Intermediate Language for translation
  • Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language (IAL)

    Amongst all this, Glosa, or a language like it, will be adopted to facilitate Global Communication - as the whole world becomes one community.

    Such a language does not arise naturally, it has to be invented, so that its design makes it suitable to act as a communication medium, in all of the communication situations in which it is employed.

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