Glosa                       English
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       Vide.                      See.
       Du vide.                   Continue seeing.
       Qe, nu-pa vide?            Just seen?
       Qe, nu-pa du vide?         Just been seeing?
       Nu-fu vide.                Just watch.
       Nu-fu du vide.             Just be watching.

       An vide                    He sees
       An du vide                 He is seeing
       An nu-pa vide              He just saw
       An nu-pa du vide           He has just been seeing
                                  (He now did continue to see)
       An nu-fu vide              He is about to see
       An nu-fu du vide           He is about to be seeing

       An pa vide                 He saw;  He has seen
       An pa-du vide              He has just been seeing
                                  (He did continue to see)
       An pra vide                He had seen
       An pra-du vide             He had been seeing
       An pa-fu vide              He was about to see

       An fu vide                 He will see
       An fu-du vide              He will be seeing
       An fu-pa vide              He will have seen
       An fu-pa du vide           He will have been seeing
       An nu-fu pa-du vide        He will just have been seeing
       An nu-fu vide              He will just see

       An sio vide                He would see
       An sio du vide             He would be seeing
       An sio pa vide             He would have seen
       An sio pa-du vide          He would have been seeing
       An sio nu-fu vide          He would just see
                             or   He would be about to see

        Lase an vide               Let him see
       An nece vide               He needs to see
       An pa nece vide            He needed to see (did need to )
       An fu nece vide            He will need to see
       An fu poso vide            He will possibly see
       An fu gene lice vide       He will be (get) allowed to see
       An habe lice vide          He has permission to see
       An habe pote vide          He is able to see
       An habe u pote te vide (alt.)  "   "   "

       An debi vide               He ought to see ... (now)
       An sio debi vide           He should see ... (later)
       An pa debi vide            He should have seen (did ought)

       U ge-vide objekti          The seen object
       Id gene vide per un andra. It is seen by the man.
       An fu gene vide.           He will get seen.
       Fe ne pa vide an.          She did not see him.
       Qe, an nu vide fe?         Does he see her, now?
  pa = did;  fu = will;  pra = had;  ge- = /ed;  ne = does not;
  gene = gets;  du = continues;  nu = just now;  sio = would.
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