komentoj pri la lupo

The Wolf has been one of my favorite stories since I discovered it decades ago. As does Ursula K. Le Guin's The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas, it does a far better job of prompting us to think about the meaning of life, morality, compassion and such than does practically any religious or philosophical teaching.

This was my first big Esperanto translation effort. Someday I'll take another look at it with an eye to revision, hopefully without too much embarrassment! (At least I finished it... I'm still "working" on my Glosa version!) I posted some earlier versions on soc.culture.esperanto, which were well received for the most part and prompted helpful suggestions from a few readers.

The most common criticism concerned my use of participles; the most negative criticism came from a fellow who seemed to feel that my translation had insulted both Esperanto and Hermann Hesse, and replied with one of his own. Teehee, if I'd known it was that easy to get a translation done, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble by posting my really crappy first draft and letting him do all the work! After all, my primary goal in this exercise was to get a beautiful but little known story translated into Esperanto; as far as I know, there were no Esperanto translations on the Net before, and now there are two. I'd say, Mission accomplished!

28 Junio 2002 modifita, de Ailanto verkita.