The Muffs

This band is a rarity. Every song a hit! Well, I mean, every song is great, and should have been a hit! (Except maybe for Alert Today Alive Tomorrow and Hamburger, which never grew on me like the others did.) You've probably heard the Muffs, even if you don't recognize the name. Everywhere I Go, from their first album, was used in a Fruitopia television commercial.

Ni estas bando, ne generiloj!

The Official Muffs Page! (broken link)

Kim Shattuck (broken link)

Melanie Vammen

At Amazon...
The Muffs (1993)
Blonder & Blonder (1995)
Happy Birthday To Me (1997)
Alert Today Alive Tomorrow (1999)
Hamburger (2000)
Really Really Happy (2004)
Whoop Dee Doo (2014)
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