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Shonen Knife


Ultimate '80s Songs
All But Forgotten Oldies - 1960-1975
alternative music
alternative music
alternative music : remember that song?
CD JAPAN- Japanese Pop and Animation
The Covers Project (mirror)
Die Deutschen Trend Charts
DiAnne's place - '60s music and Davy Jones
Die Konzerthalle "Georg Philipp Telemann"
Lyrics World
WorldWideMusic - Music Store
The Mudcat Cafe - blues and folk music
Musical Heritage Society
Old Punks Web Zine
Patrulla de la Noche 1998
Precursors: Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters Remixes
Projeto Autobahn - Brazilian tribute to the '80s
Road Runner Rocks
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Shakuhachi - Japan World Music
We Promote non-English Language Music


Projekt - darkwave
Gothic Paradise
The Gothic Music Handbook
Random Goth Quote Generator
This Mortal Coil
other goth links ...


Ben Franklin & The Armonica
Ben Franklin Invents the Armonica
Ben Franklin & His Glass Armonica
The Glass Armonica

Space Age Pop Music

Space Age Pop Music Pages
Ray Anthony and the Bookends
Astrud Gilberto
+ Virino de Ipanima
+ Astrud Gilberto's Finest Hour
+ Getz/Gilberto
+ Verve Jazz Masters 9 (Astrud Gilberto)
Ultra Lounge Series at Amazon

The 3rd and the Mortal

More miscellany

Rolling Stone
Stars of the 80s: Where Are They Now?
Trouser Press
Theremin World
VH-1DERLAND - Germany
WAPS FM 91.3 - Akron, student-operated
Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews
Women Of Country
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