Kim Deal

The Amps were formed in 1995 after Kim broke up The Breeders for a year, claiming that they needed a break after global touring and Lollapalooza. She started working on a solo LP, but this changed when Breeders drummer Jim Macpherson and other Dayton musician friends, Nathan Farley and Luis Lerma, were drafted in for gigs. The band then started touring as Tammy and the Amps with Kim on vocals and guitar, Nathan on guitar, Luis on bass, and Jim on drums. Soon the name was changed to simply The Amps. The band played a number of small American venues and some European, stopping periodically in the studio to record songs for an album. Their debut album, Pacer, was released on 31 October 1995. The band continued touring America and Europe periodically until the summer of 1996 when Kim cancelled a series of high profile European dates including several festivals to concentrate on working with the original outfit, The Breeders.

Kim sang with Tanya Donelly on This Mortal Coil's You And Your Sister - I'm not yet sure how this fits into the scheme of things, but it's a great song.