Virtual Poohsticks Game 167014

To: William
Subject: Game 167014 of Virtual Pooh Sticks has finished.
From: Pooh Sticks Server
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 03:00:06 -0400

Greetings William,

After waiting for some time, a cheer went up as Lady Kanga spotted the daughter's stick belonging to William. Next came Carolyn123's Soft Kleenex, then Neil's virtual reality, joey3_'s broken, but chewed-up (maybe drooled on) coin rock that once belonged to his (meaning my) *Big!!* Bear, Laguna's travel worn photo of Julia, Lady Kanga's well-chewed and tattered stuffed hedgehog, HunnyBubbles's delicately spiraled eeyore's tail, Lalou's shiny red and silver empty can of Diet Coke with lime, Thistle's old and much loved book and finally markm's withered staff.

Afterwards there was much joy and merry-making as all concerned celebrated the conclusion of another successful game of pooh-sticks. After everyone had calmed down it was decided that we should all go back to Thistle's Cluttered Flat in California, USA for a little smackerel of something.

The results in full are:

  1. William
  2. Carolyn123
  3. Neil
  4. joey3_
  5. Laguna
  6. Lady Kanga
  7. HunnyBubbles
  8. Lalou
  9. Thistle
  10. markm

The Results of this game will be published on the Virtual Pooh Sticks Web Site.

If you spot any problems please mail me with a description of what went wrong, and I'll try and fix it ASAP.