Winnie la Pu

Jen Edvardo Urso, kiu venas malsupren,
frapante la ŝtupojn per la kapo, bam, bam, bam,
post Kristoforo Robin.
Tio estas, laŭ lia scio,
la sola metodo veni malsupren,
sed kelkfoje li sentas ke devus esti alia metodo,
se nur tiu frapado ĉesus momente kaj li povus ĝin elpensi.
Kaj poste li sentas ke eble ne devus esti...
Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now,
bump, bump, bump on the back of his head,
behind Christopher Robin.
It is, as far as he knows,
the only way of coming downstairs,
but sometimes he feels that there really is another way,
if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it.
And then he feels that perhaps there isn't.

The Virtual PoohSticks Server (The server has been unavailable for a long time.)

The Bad News is that the old player statistics were discarded when the server was upgraded to version 2. The Good News is that I won my very first game after the upgrade, so according to the new stats my record had become... One for One! 100%! But I don't play very often, and I usually come in last. Uh, oh... it looks like old stats were discarded again when VPS3 was installed in January of 2004.

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2005-05-14 Game 179872

Ther ...

Christopher Robin seems to think that -ther- explains why a girl's name is suitable for a boy bear. And now I may know why. In the German translation of the book, Pooh's name is Winnie-der-Pu, and der just happens to be the male form of the German definite article in the nominative case. Perhaps Christopher Robin knew a bit of German, enough to know that der is for boys; he just had a little trouble saying it. Wissen Sie nicht was 'Der' bedeutet? (Don't you know what 'Der' means?)

Pooh is available in Esperanto from Esperanto USA.

I found (in a letter to the editor in the June 14 2004 issue of Information Week) that TTFN did not originate with Tigger! It was actually coined by Tommy Handley, star of a WWII BBC radio show called "It's That Man Again" (AKA ITMA) which ran from 1939 to 1949.

In January 2004 I came across POOH FAQ #9 and noted that many of the Esperanto translations of the character names were incorrect. I submitted my suggestions— the page was soon updated and I received a nice thankyou message.

Names used in "Winnie-la-Pu", the translation by Ivy Kellerman Reed and Ralph A. Lewin, are as follows... except for Tigger and Jagular. I don't know that "House at Pooh Corner" was ever translated into Esperanto. In keeping with the way the other names were translated, my best guess would be "Tiggro" (Esperanto for "tiger" is "tigro", but we gotta keep that double-guh!) and "Jagularo" ("jagular" is like English "jaguar" with an l stuck inside, Esperanto for "jaguar" is "jaguaro", so).


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