The Stupids

The Stupids Die

The Stupids Have a Ball

The Stupids Step Out

The Stupids Take Off

One evening while the Stupids are watching television in their living room, a fuse blows and everything goes dark...

"I can't see a thing," said Mrs. Stupid.

"We must be dead," said Mr. Stupid.

"Oh, wow!" said the two Stupid kids.

Kitty (the wonderful dog) holds a flashlight while Xylophone (the swell cat) changes the fuse. The lights come on again...

The Stupids all looked around.

"This must be heaven," said Mr. Stupid.

"Oh, wow!" said the two Stupid kids.

"It has a nice homey feeling," said Mrs. Stupid.

Grandfather Stupid rides into the living room on his motorcycle...

"Welcome to heaven," said Mr. Stupid.

"This isn't heaven," said Grandfather.
"This is Cleveland."

"This may sound stupid," said Buster.
"But I think this is our living room."

"Oh, heck," said Petunia, "I'm going to bed."

- from The Stupids Die, by Harry Allard & James Marshall

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