Trigon in Circle



1. GENERAL. a. At the close of World War II in 1945 the chaotic conditions in Western Europe, which resulted from fundamental disagreements between the victorious allied nations and the failure of the United Nations Organization, gave rise to a new nation, Aggressor.
   b. When the surrender of Germany was followed almost immediately by wholesale allied withdrawals, a small group of determined men, confirmed in their belief in the totalitarian nation-state, gathered in Spain, took over the control of the weakening government, and established the Aggressor Republic.
   c. That this action was possible was due primarily to quarrels that broke out among the former allies, a disinclination on the part of any one nation to accept the responsibility for the direct physical action necessary to suppress this new group, and finally the clever use of propaganda and slogans which freely used the terms "democracy," "the people," and other similar terms.
   d. As soon as the new government had firmly consolidated its position in Spain and Spanish Morocco, it began to infiltrate to the north and east. A fertile field for their well planned and executed propaganda was found in southern France, northern Italy, Bavaria, and the Tyrol, where United States occupational forces were rapidly being redeployed. A strong secession movement grew almost overnight in those areas which the weakened central governments of France and Italy and the ineffective provisional government of Bavaria were powerless to prevent. The natural revulsion of these peoples toward communism asserted itself and provided a strong psychological weapon for the organizers. All races and classes were appealed to.
   e. After a brief but violent uprising in early 1946, aided and controlled from the Aggressor capital by means of a highly trained fifth column, these two areas were granted independence, promptly applied for union with Aggressor, and were admitted to the Republic.
   f. Immediately upon the successful conclusion of this venture, Aggressor entered upon a well-balanced and carefully controlled period of intense development and organization of all resources and phases of national life. The immediate goal of national unity and relative self-sufficiency was quickly obtained...

* *

2. POPULATION. a. The newly acquired lands raised the population figure of the Republic to about 110,000,000. In addition, an active campaign was launched to attract immigrants and displaced persons from other European nations. Scientists, soldiers, and professional men of all types were particularly desired. Preferential treatment was accorded leaders in scientific; industrial, and military fields. Former Quisling groups of other nations took full advantage of this offer.
   b. Strong efforts have been adopted to increase the population by raising the normal birth rate. The usual means of bounties, state education for certain children, and other conventional practices are in effect. The ultimate result, of course, will be the necessity of acquiring new lands to accommodate the fast-growing population.

3. LANGUAGE AND RELIGION. a. Spanish has been adopted as the official language; although it has not fully supplanted the local French, German, and Italian in certain areas, it is expected to do so in the course of another generation. In this matter and in religion, Aggressor has proved to be tactful, employing subtle means to achieve its ends.
   b. While there is no state religion as such, complete religious freedom is enjoyed throughout the Republic. This policy has had the distinct advantage of not antagonizing or alienating any religious group. In fact, Aggressor agents have infiltrated the various religions and use them abroad to further their own national propaganda.

* *





   Esperanto has been adopted as the official Aggressor language. Although it has not fully replaced the regional use of Spanish, French, German, Italian and other languages and dialects, it is expected to do so in the course of another generation. The adoption of Esperanto as the official Aggressor language does not prohibit the oral use of any local language by prisoners of war, casualties or other Aggressor personnel, or the written use of any such language in the preparation of documents.


   The official language is a scientifically constructed, simplified language which employs grammar and words adopted from the principal languages of the world. A preponderance of words has been drawn from the four chief languages of the Aggressor nation, namely: Spanish, French, Italian, and German. The addition of words from other languages was designed to aid Aggressor personnel, both civilian and military, in international intercommunication. The grammar of the Aggressor language follows the grammar of ESPERANTO.


* *

THE MANEUVER ENEMY (FM 30-101, Jan. 1953)