Glosa Words Needed! (obsolete page)

I worked on development of the Glosa dictionaries from 1997 through 2000 but no longer maintain them. I've kept my stuff here for historical and reference purposes. The latest and greatest dictionaries, currently maintained by Marcel Springer, can be found at the Glosa Website. See my Glosa Page for Glosa info and links.

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Update, 26 January 1999 - We've completed this phase of the dictionary analysis, based upon the criteria below. Please let me know if you think of any other words that should be in the dictionary.

- William Patterson

[The list which was once here was]... the list of English words for which Glosa has no word. According to my computer, anyway. I wrote a script to read Paul Bartlett's Artificial Languages Base Vocabulary and print out any words that it could not find in my Glosa Source File. Now comes the task of examining these words one by one to resolve these omissions.

Glosa may actually have a corresponding word even if a word is found in this list. Several possibilities that come to mind:

1998-03-25 gene krea, 1999-01-26 gene muta.