Glosa Synonym Selection (obsolete page)

I worked on development of the Glosa dictionaries from 1997 through 2000 but no longer maintain them. I've kept my stuff here for historical and reference purposes. The latest and greatest dictionaries, currently maintained by Marcel Springer, can be found at the Glosa Website. See my Glosa Page for Glosa info and links.

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Update, 30 March 1998 - We've completed this phase of the dictionary analysis! The preferred Glosa synonym for any English word in the Literary Dictionary is now the first one in the list, and this is the only definition given in the Basic Dictionary. Please let me know if you have a reason for selecting differently.

The old explanation follows...

This is the list of Glosa synonyms for which a preferred word has not yet been chosen. Please read the criteria for some things to keep in mind while making your choices. Also think about the English words - are the Glosa words really synonyms, or is the English word itself a homonym which caused my program to throw all those Glosa words together? For example, I came across the definition fair = FERIA; JUSTI. In the dictionary I found just = JUSTI. Because English fair is a homonym, the Glosa words were unfairly (!) thrown together. I resolved this by defining FERIA as fair (bazaar), and JUSTI as just (equitable) and fair (equitable). Send me your ideas!

- William Patterson

And then there were none!

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