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The Blue Flower
by Penelope Fitzgerald (at Amazon)

The Blue Flower
by Henry Van Dyke (at Amazon)

The Blue Flower
by Henry Van Dyke (etext)

The Land of the Blue Flower
by Frances Hodgson Burnett (at Amazon)

Blue Flower Press

Town of Bluefield, Virginia

Bluefield, Virginia - ĉe Wikipedia

Myosotis - Forget-me-not

At a little distance, hazy blue cliffs rose with gleaming veins of gold shining through their sides. All around him was a soft mellow light, and the sky above was blue and cloudless. What most attracted him was a lovely blue flower growing at the edge of the well. Its large glossy green leaves overshadowed him. The air was perfumed by the fragrance of flowers of every colour, but he cared for none of them but the blue flower, at which he gazed in tender adoration. As he stood to examine it more closely, it seemed to move and change, the glossy leaves bent down at the stalk and the blossom lent towards him, the petals slowly opened and he saw a lovely, tender face...

- Heinrich von Ofterdingen, by Novalis

cikorio - Herbo de la specio Cichorium intybus. El cikorio oni povas fari anstataŭaĵon de kafo. Angle: chicory, succory; Germane: die Zichorie. Another German word is Wegwart, or Wegewart. I haven't yet figured out its etymology, but poems at Gedichte zur Wegwarte play on the meanings of Wegwart (chicory), der Weg (way, path, walk), warten (to wait), and die Warte (vantage point, point of view)... Ich warte auf ihn am Wege, warte am Wege, Wegewart!
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