WAPS Changes

Akron Public Schools Presents New Music.
Dare to be different— Eighty nine one A P S.

I listened to WAPS all the time when I lived in Akron and then Mogadore during the late '80s and early '90s, back when it was at 89.1 FM, but then I moved out of range. So I could listen only while commuting and only for like twenty minutes on the road each way. Then they changed the programming during those few minutes to something I didn't enjoy (I don't remember what it was) so I stopped listening.

Now that WAPS is on the web (and actually I think it's broadcasting at higher power now, so maybe I could pick it up on the radio) I'm gonna check it out again. I have looked at the website periodically and it appears that the programming has changed quite a bit. Used to be mostly alternative with some jazz thrown in. (They used to advertise New Music, now it's True Music Diversity. Hmm.) It was pretty much student run— now it seems far less so (I don't see anybody on their staff photo page looking young enough to be a high-schooler!)— and sounded very much like a college station of the day but way better than the usual— in fact, I thought it was a college station for a while.

They still play some alternative music but it seems to be mostly old alternative, the more successful of the lot. And they give most of the airtime to True Music Diversity, which doesn't seem to include much new and alternative. Oh well, we shall see...