The Metric System (SI)
USMA : United States Metric Association
USMA : listserv
Units of Measurement


Currencies And Exchange Rates
Currency Converter Services
Where's George? - Track Usonian currency.
Where's Willy? - Track Canadian currency.

The name euro was probably coined (hehe) by an Esperantist! Earliest mention is noted at PROMEURO: a letter dated 18-09-1995 by the assistant of M. SANTER, then President of the Commission, to Monsieur Germain PIRLOT, who is an active promoter of Esperanto, to thank him for his suggestion dated August 04 1995 to have the new currency named euro. Ankaŭ vidu na Ĉu esperantisto inventis eŭron?.

Mapoj ktp

ReisePlanung - Deutschland
The National Address Server
Stadtplan-Service Deutschland
Microsoft Research Maps - find latitude and longitude here
Yahoo! Maps


NameVoyager - The Baby Name Wizard

Telefono kaj telefonio

Ameritech Internet Yellow Pages
AnyWho: Reverse Phone Number Lookup
White Pages - whitepages.com
White and Yellow Pages - yp.net


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Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
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