Marvirinstrato de Tim Westover— bonega libroj, elŝutebla senkoste!

La Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando - nova eldono (2009) - also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is based on the Kearney translation, but using the Tenniel illustrations instead of the originals by Brinsley Le Fanu, with a couple of extra paragraphs that were missing from the Kearney version, and some minor corrections.

Tekstaro de Esperanto - serĉilo

BookCrossing - Free your books!

Aldren A. Watson's Hand Bookbinding: A Manual of Instruction is an excellent resource if you're interested in doing a bit of that. Not only does it contain the usual info about materials and techniques, it also has a chapter on making your own tools and equipment!

Andy's Anachronisms explores the theme of time travel in literature and entertainment.

I accidentally discovered that Lorjak's 1989 novel Kromosomoj was based on a true story! While leafing through Unsolved Mysteries (Colin Wilson, 1988), I found on page 192 a brief, rather tangential, reference to Henri Landru, who was on trial during the winter of 1921 for the murders of eleven women. Reminiscent of Lorjak's Henriko-Dezidero Landru, ĉu ne? So I searched the web and found that Henri Desirè Landru was indeed a real person, executed by guillotine in February 1922 for the murders of eleven women. As did Lorjak's villian, Henri Landru seduced women and then killed them and burned them up in his kuirforno. (Kromosomoj is available from the Esperanto League for North America.)

Books in Esperanto may be purchased from the retbutikoj. Many may be found online...

Project Gutenberg

Se vi ŝatas kontroli esperantotekstojn ĉe Distributed Proofreaders, bonvolu aliĝi al Team Esperanto!

Project Gutenberg's list of Esperanto books doesn't necessarily contain all of the available Esperanto-related books, so try searching for titles, authors, etc. Here's a list that should be pretty good, because it's maintained by the proofreaders: Esperanto Bookshelf. Another good complete list is David G. Simpson's Project Gutenberg e-Texts in Esperanto.

Google Books

Google Books has partnered with some online booksellers. (I rediscovered Google Books while browsing the Barnes & Noble site; you can get some Google Books books there for free (well, for one penny actually, which is later deducted from the total), which seems odd, because you can get them at Google Books anyway. My guess is that the commercial site programming is simpler this way, don't worry about whether it's free or not, just treat them all the same way.) — So far I've found that the best way to search for Esperanto books is Advanced Search for: Some of the hits are Spanish or some such, but it worked pretty well. Might want to try something other than estas, or a few more Esperanto words.


Tekstoj ĉe
Arkivoj de "Literatura Skatolo" kaj "Survoje"
eLibrejo, Esperanto-libroj en PDF-formato
Esperanto - la nova latino de la Eklezio / Esperanto - The New Latin for the Church and for Ecumenism
Esperanto-literaturo - Metropoliteno ktp
Kafka-Rakontaro - Elgermanigita de Vilhelmo LUTERMANO
Kruko kaj Baniko el Bervalo, de Louis Beaucaire - Maldecaj anekdotoj por neprudaj legantoj. Also available as PDF at eLibrejo. (Note: The PDF version lacks the cartoon images, but does have their captions— which doesn't work very well in some cases!)
La Lupo, de Hermann HESSE
Metropoliteno, de Vladimir VARANKIN
La Nuligilino
Proverbaro esperanta, de ZAMENHOF, aranĝita laŭteme.
Satiraj rakontoj, Sandor SZATHMARI
Scienca kaj Teknika Esperanto-biblioteko (STEB)
Endre TÓTH: Groto, Cave, Die Grotte


Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Douglas Adams

Harry Harrison

Nevil Shute

Arthur Conan Doyle / Sherlock Holmes

Jacques Futrelle / The Thinking Machine

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Hunter Thompson

Lewis Carroll

Sciencfikcia/fantasta literaturo diversa


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